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Leonard Ray Butler


Height: 5'7"

Hair: Salt and pepper

         Mostly bald these days 

Eyes: Brown


Location: Atlanta, Ga(Marietta)

Willing to travel




Resurrection                                                                   Deputy Sheriff                   Supporting

Swamp Murders                                                            Detective                            Supporting                            

Deadly Places                                                                 Detective                            Supporting

Missing Nest                                                                   News Reporter                  Supporting

Fatal Attraction                                                               Father                                 Supporting

Lockjaw                                                                            Father/Minister                 Supporting

Notorius                                                                          Tony the Valet                    Supporting

Saints and Sinners                                                         Maitre’D                              Supporting




Far From the Altar                                                         Rev Bernard Bishop         Supporting

Love Thy Country                                                         Politician                              Supporting         

Get Hard                                                                          Cop                                      Supporting

Barbershop III                                                                Minister                              Supporting

Jinn                                                                                   David                                   Lead {short film}

One Last Thing                                                               Mr Tannenhill                    Supporting

Rose Color Glasses                                                        John Tetley                        Lead[Short Film]

Christmas Everlasting                                                   Mr Swinson                        Supporting (PattiLabelle’s husband)


Ceremonies of Dark Old Men                                    Lead                                    John Pryor

Purlie                                                                              Supporting                         John Pryor

Annie Get Your Gun                                                     Supporting                         John Haupt

Slow Dance on the Killing Ground                             Lead                                    Virginia Busher

Simply Heavenly                                                           Supporting                         John Pryor

You Know I can’t hear you with

The Water running                                                       Supporting                         John Haupt

Your arms are too Short to Box with God                Supporting                         Wendell Narcisse

The Art Place Show Case                                             Monologue                                      

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